Deerskin – Perfect For BBQ Huts

Keeping Warm in a BBQ Hut or Log Cabin

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For keeping yourself warm in a BBQ Cabin, consider deer skin. Deerskin is soft and smooth making it cozy to sit on or lie on.

Look and Feel

Deerskin is strong, yet one of the softest leathers available. The hide generally has about a half-inch of fur on one side, and the underside of the skin feels similar to a soft suede. Deer skin has elongated interwoven fibers that make it strong and resistant to tears or abrasion. The spaces between its fibers make it soft and comfortable when used over a wide range of temperatures. This means that deerskin stays cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

Caring for Deerskin

Fortunately, deerskin is fairly easy to care for. Use baby powder or cornstarch to remove grease or oil, but don’t rub the powder into the leather, as this can work the grease or oil further in. You can use a soft brush to remove the excess powder. Any stains or spots on deerskin leather are best cleaned with a damp cloth. The naked, unfinished nature of deerskin is what makes it very soft, but the leather without its fur is not naturally water- or stain-resistant. To remedy this, you can use one of a number of sealants and wax-based waterproofing products on the market to coat your leather and preserve it.

Scotia Cabins

As standard we offer either Swedish deer skins from sustainable herds or quality cabin seating pads*. Historically, our cabins have been supplied with Reindeer skins from sustainable herds, however due to trading sanctions that have been placed on Russia by the European Union (and others), from the 1 January 2015 onwards we are no longer able to source these skins. As an alternative we are offering deer skins. These are similar in appearance to reindeer skins, but they are smaller, enough skins will be supplied to cover all the seats of any size cabin.

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