Surprise visit to our Scotia Barbecue Cabin at a local Aberdeen show

Tommy Walsh loves our Barbecue Cabin

Visit by TV personality Tommy Walsh

We were absolutely delighted at a recent show when non other than Tommy Walsh dropped into say hi. Best known for his role in the hit Television series Ground Force as well as others.

If its good for Allan its good for me

Said Tommy referring to his TV colleague and previous “sparing partner” Alan Tichmarsh who actually is the proud owner of a Scotia Arctic Barbecue Cabin.

Scotia Cabins are the Scottish distributor for the Derbyshire based Arctic Cabins.

Like Tommy Mr Tichmarsh is aware of the safety and build quality of our cabins.

Safety and quality is key in an Arctic BBQ cabin to ensure happy BBQ parties for many years to come.We provide a 10 year guarantee as well as a comprehensive delivery and build service.

Accessories and Extras In your Barbecue Cabin

Our Scottish customers at the Aberdeen show saw all of our range of accessories to customise the BBQ Cabins.