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Cedar Garden Rooms & Studios

Stunning Cedar. It is just fabulous this finish. Can you imagine waking up each day and seeing such a beautiful structure in your garden? Prices from £20,805.

Create your perfect Cedar Studio

What about knowing that this is where you get to work every day?  Or even knowing, that come that evening, you and your pals are going to be down there, away from the house, having a catch up and a drink in your own wee garden sanctuary?  Cedar is weather resistant, and requires little maintenance to keep the cabin looking fresh and modern for many years.

With the choice of 8 different colours for your facings, and your own choice of where you windows and doors go, you can create a very special place at home.  Working with ourselves, together we can optimise the space you have, from as little as 5m sq (although we recommend starting at 7m if you can) and going up to 30m sq before getting into planning permission.

When you have your studio installed, why not further enhance the area with some stylish decking and steps?  With all our studios being fully insulated, you can use your studio all year round for whatever you need to use it for.

This is not just a summerhouse, this is a year-round-house.

Studio quotes always include 2 windows of choice, and 1 door of choice (patio or sliding), delivery and installation to you at home, or your chosen destination.  Please let us know your postcode when you get in touch so we can be accurate with this information.

Approx £1,300 per sq metre, depending on specifications and finish.

Bespoke Garden Rooms & Studios
Cedar Garden Rooms & Studios

Looking for something even bigger?

Cedar can be used on any of our studios, even beyond 30msq.  If you are looking at project this size, please talk with your local planning department to find out their thoughts and processes.

Approx £1,300 per sq metre, depending on specifications and finish.

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