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Cedral Garden Rooms & Studios

Our Cedral buildings are a fantastic investment, and a no-brainer if you are in a coastal area, or one with a lot of weather. Prices from £17,645.

Create your perfect Cedral Studio

Cedral is a fibre cement which is easy to maintain, resistant to rot and looks for all the world like painted wood.  In 4 main colours, light grey, dark grey, atlas brown and sage green, along with four different window and facings finishes, you can be assured that your garden space, will be utterly unique to you and what you need the space for.

What will you use your cabin for?  A therapy room?  Gin Bar?  Man Cave? Teenage Den? Playhouse? Office?  Multi-purpose? Salon?  You can use your cabin for anything you can think of.

Large, small, somewhere in the middle?  Our personal service and facility to create your building to be exact centimetre you require it to be, allows for complete flexibility.  One impossible to find elsewhere on the market.

With every single one of our cabins made in the UK, you can be assured of a quality, safe, secure building, that is constructed to the highest possible standard by our in house team.  We look forward to seeing what you will create in your garden.

Approx £1,300 per sq metre, depending on specifications and finish.

Cedral Garden Rooms & Studios
Cedral Garden Rooms & Studios
Cocktail Bar

Looking for something even bigger?

30msq + buildings are available, however will require planning and may require to be built to buildings regulations.  Please talk with your local planning department about the specifications and expectations they will have if you are looking at a project of this size.

Cedral buildings are available as Camping Lodges.  Please talk to us about this option.

Approx £1,300 per sq metre, depending on specifications and finish.

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