Santa Claus Is Coming To Town…

And so he is, in 6 days!  Where did 2018 disappear to?  We have had the fastest year ever here at Scotia Cabins.
As some of you may know, it had a huge event in the middle, where myself and Craig got married on the 28th of July.  We had always said that we wanted to have everything here at the farm, which we did do.  I wasn’t sure that was the wisest of decisions the week beforehand!  We pulled it off, and everything (apart from the weather, which was the one thing out-with our control) went superbly.
With the snow in March, the incredible summer, and then the wet harvest, things have been very much in the hands of the weather gods this year.  Hay making was amazing, combining was in fits and starts, and just before the weather broke in October, everything got into the ground.  Quite what happens now, between weather and Brexit, best kens.  I think the weather is easier to predict.
Thoughts now turn to 2019 (2019??!!) and what our plans are.  As always, one goal is to continue to provide a quality and caring service to our past, present and future customers.  We are increasing our range again by adding to the barbecue cabins and garden studios with our self-catering accommodation units.  There are a variety of these, so keep a look out on the webpage, and social media for these.
We are also teaming up with some local suppliers of fun things to add to your cabins, as well as offering a ‘Scottish’ package where the interiors of your barbecue cabin can have a more Scottish feel about them.  More news to follow soon.
Meantime, from Craig, Caroline, the Mini-Haxtons, and the Fitting team here at Scotia Cabins, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a peaceful and prosperous 2019.

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