The Benefits of Running a Business from a Garden Office

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Creating a garden office Scotland can be one of the best options for any entrepreneur searching for ways to minimise overheads and maximise business operational profitability. There are a number of benefits to running a business from the garden, the following sections discuss some of these.

Benefits of Creating a Garden Office Scotland for Homeworkers

Entrepreneurs and small business owners already working within the home environment will experience far greater productivity when working from a studio that’s designed as an office.

The move away from the constant busy atmosphere in the home will create a feeling of freedom and ensure focus is maintained at all times. Meeting deadlines when working in a more secluded office space will become a breeze. Creating a designated office space can be an exciting design opportunity for any entrepreneur, it’s possible to incorporate all the twists and comforts required to make this small workplace a stylish space that enhances every aspect of the working day, energising and refreshing the entrepreneurial spirit at all times.

Building a garden office in Scotland makes it easy to schedule regular slots for working.  Any entrepreneurs with responsibilities around the home or childcare commitments will fully appreciate this as a major benefit. What’s more snack breaks, lunches and meals are easy to prepare for workers within the home or garden environment, saving time and expense for any business owners who tend to spend time in restaurants or cafes during the working day. If there’s meeting space allocated in the office or home, client and customer visits can be scheduled at home, saving expense on the hire of meeting rooms.

Benefits to Office Based Entrepreneurs

Cutting the costs of leasing an office in the neighbourhood is a wise choice for any small business owner. Maintaining an effective costing and budgeting operation can cause anxiety for anybody running their own business: cutting out the necessity for an external office gives back substantial cash flow to any business.

The benefits don’t stop there, however, everything mentioned above is pertinent to office-based entrepreneurs making the move to working from the home/garden environment. Commuting costs and time spent on the road will be slashed drastically, leading to greater relaxation and better business focus at all times.

Anybody who has spent a long time working in busy town and city environments will immediately benefit psychologically from the garden environment and opportunities to step outside any time to breathe in fresh air and experience the joys of working within a pleasant, landscaped situation.

Benefits to the Business

Your accountant can detail all the benefits and potential drawbacks of creating a dedicated office within the garden, however check out the following:

  • seek professional advice about the best way to account for any office in the garden or home
  • the external office could be classed as an asset owned by the business and purely for business use. In this scenario VAT can be reclaimed on setting up the office and ongoing costs
  • classing the office as a workshop can lead to other advantages
  • classing the office as part of the home, means business owners can charge rent to the business in these circumstances

Entrepreneurs do need to research the rules regarding home and garden offices fully in order to make the best decisions on how their office will be treated within the accounts, from creation/build date and ongoing. Implications that need looking at include liability to business rates, planning permissions and all taxation liabilities and potential future liabilities.

Running a small business is about lifestyle choices as well as earning a living and operating a self-owned company from a garden office is one way to have the very best in life. Creating an office in the garden means it’s always easy to drop down to the office to work any time of day or night, this flexibility is ideal for many entrepreneurs, particularly if they have family commitments.

Find out about log cabin offices by contacting Scotia Cabins. Caroline and Craig can give all the information needed to start planning the perfect garden office in earnest, and making the most of working from a custom designed office situated in the relaxing garden environment will soon become a reality and no pipe dream.

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