The Rise of BBQ Cabin Fever

Originating from Finland, the BBQ cabin is now also becoming popular in Scotland. Many people in the UK enjoy a BBQ during the summer, but the weather can be unpredictable. A barbecue cabin can offer an alternative to huddling under an umbrella, should the weather take an unpleasant turn.

BBQ Cabin History

Also known as BBQ lodges or BBQ huts, these cabins were used by the indigenous Sami people of Northern Lapland as dwellings. They are still used in Lapland today, both by the Sami people and in the tourism industry. Now they are also available in the UK and those who want to host a BBQ don’t have to worry about the weather forecast. If it is cold, raining or even snowing, the party can simply be moved into the cabin.

BBQ Cabin Uses?

BBQ cabins can be surprisingly spacious, with sizes ranging from seven metres squared to twenty-five metres squared. They usually have solid wooden floors and double glazed windows, with a seating area around the edge of the cabin. The grill is normally in the centre of the cabin, with a flue to allow the smoke out. They are often decorated with traditional Lapland furnishings and handcrafts, with some items included and others available as optional extras. The smaller cabins can seat up to ten people, but a large cabin can seat in excess of thirty-five people. For those who enjoy outdoor entertaining, a cabin could be the ideal solution to the unpredictable weather.

As well as being able to entertain guests and hold parties in the cabin, families who own a BBQ cabin can also use it for overnight visitors. Depending on the size of cabin chosen, there will be room to sleep between two and six people. The cabins can also be used as a home office, a children’s play area or just as a peaceful retreat.

Buying a cabin could be preferable to building an extension if additional space is wanted, as there will less work and upheaval involved. Cabins do not normally require planning permission as most are less than four metres high. Not only will a cabin offer an alternative to the inconvenience of building work, it will provide additional space with charm and character.

It is not only families that enjoy entertaining who are buying BBQ cabins, they are also used by glamping sites and holiday home complexes. Businesses can use the cabins for corporate events and entertaining clients, offering a unique experience for employees and business associates.

Maintaining Your BBQ Cabin

There is some maintenance required for the cabins. In order to take proper care of the cabin, the owner should treat the wood with a preservative as soon as possible after purchase. This will need to be repeated annually. As long as the cabin is good quality and properly cared for, it should last for many years.

With the range of sizes offered, there are cabins available to suit a variety of budgets. Whether it’s a small cabin for entertaining a few friends or a large scale cabin for hosting a big party, a BBQ cabin could be a welcome addition to the home.

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