Top Tips For Buying a BBQ Hut

Planning, Research and Quality – Top Tips For Buying a BBQ Hut

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Buying a BBQ hut can be a sizeable investment, so it is worth spending time considering all the options available. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and trouble-free buying experience.

Planning Permission for BBQ Hut

Most cabins do not require planning permission due to their size but under certain circumstances, local planning authorities may stipulate maximum heights, dimensions and colours. This is usually only applicable in areas of outstanding natural beauty or a conservation area, but it is worth checking out any planning considerations before deciding on the type of cabin to buy. Check out the Planning Portal.

Do the Research

There are many companies offering BBQ cabins and BBQ huts with many prices and sizes available, so it is worth carrying out as much research as possible before deciding on a vendor.

  • Are they an established company?
  • Check out their website
  • Do they have any testimonials? Read them.
  • Go to the company’s premises and view the products
  • Take professional advice
  • Do they deliver and construct the BBQ hut?

From the Ground Up

A good building starts with a strong base, and a BBQ hut is no exception. Any wooden surfaces that are likely to come into contact with the ground are prone to rot and should be treated to counteract this issue. The best option is tanalised wood as it is less likely to cause problems in future years. When considering the floor of the building a good, strong base is necessary. Tongue and groove flooring laid on bearers no more than 400mm apart is ideal and will eliminate the feeling of floor bounce. Whether the base is to be concrete or wooden in construction, it is worth getting it professionally laid.

Roofing matters

The cabin roof is susceptible to all weathers and as such should be examined carefully before making a decision. A tongue and groove design is again, the best option due to its strength, and a covering of heavy duty felt is the minimum acceptable. However, a shingle roof will always look more aesthetically pleasing.

Wood Quality

The simple rule here is to buy the best quality possible and AVOID WHITE WOODS! Redwood gives a superior finish and is less susceptible to twisting or splitting, as well as having a longer life span. Wherever practical, a tongue and groove design is the best option for strength, durability and weather proofing so it is worth insisting upon it. There are also a number wood treatments available which will proof the structure against the weather.


Windows are an essential element of any building so it worth fitting the best possible. The glass should be of at least toughened grade for safety purposes, but double glazed is preferable. Opening and locking windows will add a quality feel to the construction.

The Handmade Approach

Imported cabins can be of lesser quality and cause construction issues. It is always worth visiting the vendor and viewing the hut fully built. The best option is to opt for a hand made construction as the quality is always better, and any build issues can be rectified immediately on site.

The BBQ hut is a fantastic addition to any home, so choosing the style and construction is important. In simple terms, the better the quality of materials and construction, the better the result so when making a decision, buy the best affordable and always use a reputable manufacturer.

The top tips above should ensure a trouble free purchase and many years of enjoyment. Get in touch with Scotia Cabins and book an appointment to view our cabins.

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