Why you should buy a barbeque cabin

Barbeque cabins for all! Everyone loves a barbeque. That’s if it’s summertime. And it’s not raining. And it’s not too cold. And nobody has hay fever. This is where the barbeque cabin comes in.

Well, it’s exactly what it says it is. It’s a cabin you can have a barbeque in!

From the outside, these handmade wooden constructions resemble nothing less than a handsome log chalet as you might see in a woodland clearing.

But inside, you’ll find everything you need to barbeque to your heart’s content. Unlike a traditional log cabin, everything revolves around the barbeque and that doesn’t just include the fitted table that comes as standard with all of our cabins so you have somewhere to put all those char-grilled goodies.

The cabins are circular rather than hut-shaped giving each one a wonderful rural feel but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t safe as houses. All the windows and door are fully lockable making it safer than your average garden shed.

They also come in a variety of sizes from the smallest that can seat up to 10 people all the way up to an enormous cabin that seats 35 on the comfy wooden benches provided.

You can sleep on the benches too. In fact, these versatile buildings can double up as all manner of additional living space – an office, guest room, teenage den or man shed – sky’s the limit!

You can also ring the changes with how you decorate the inside of your cabin. There are all manner of cushions and throws and if your teens are worried about being spied on from the main house, you can put curtains up and shield their privacy. Or not, as the case may be!

But let’s go back to the barbeque bit of the barbeque cabin.

Why do you think barbeques are so popular in the summer months here in the UK?

Well, first of all, it just tastes better. Compare a burger grilled in the kitchen with one sporting the seared smokiness of the barbeque skillet. No competition, is there?

Then there’s the social aspect. Although some families will fire up the barbeque as an occasional treat, it’s more usual that you’ll ask some friends to join you, neighbours will drift over and the kids will be allowed to invite some chums along. As the alcohol flows, you can relax knowing that this barbeque was much easier to organise – and enjoy – than a more formal dinner party would have been.

Don’t forget the primitive enjoyment of cooking with a living fire. Seeing the flames licking around the meat and foil-wrapped bundles of veg awakens something primeval in all of us!

So if barbeques are so great, why should we restrict ourselves to enjoying them only to the summer?

Let’s start a campaign for all year barbeques and let’s begin with barbeque cabins for all! After all, it’s a versatile addition to your garden that will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, dry all year round.

You may even like to follow the example of an ardent barbeque cabin fan and have Christmas dinner in one. Barbequed turkey anybody?

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