Working from your own Home Office

As our lives get more complex and with the rise of the “Working from Home “culture ,we are all looking for ways to simplify our working lives .
Working from home has increased by a fifth in the last ten years to reach a record 1.5m, a new study shows. The biggest growth in the trend has been among women with 35% (157,000) more working from home in 2015 than in 2005.
Union leaders urged bosses to be more flexible to let employees work from home to reduce commuting costs and help people cope with caring and childcare responsibilities.


Home office studio from Scotia Cabins






Women especially are choosing the homeworking option






Considering a separate home space to maximise your small business or home working option

Quite distinct from a Summer House a Home Office or Garden Studio offers an alternative to trying to create space your house for the full time or part time homeworker. Creating an alternative outdoor space in your Garden Building can help to avoid some of the pitfalls in that working from home environment, remember though this is not a Garden Shed i.e. very much designed to encourage creativity and indeed can be a hugely positive addition to any family home.

So Working from home, Is this a good idea?

Whether you are a home-based small business owner who works from home full-time or someone who splits his or her time by working from home occasionally, there are a number of pros and cons to consider before you set up a home office and plan your work environment.
Working out of a home-based office is certainly not for everyone, so it’s important to consider the many advantages and disadvantages before you make it a part of your work process.
Here are a few of each to help you decide if working from home is right for you.

The Advantages of Working from Home.

There are many reasons working from home is a great option for many small business owners. Here is a look at a few:
• No boring daily commute. Save a great deal of time and money. It can even reduce your daily stress levels.
• Flexibility. Working from home allows you to work during your most productive times and create a workflow that works for you.
• Reduction of distractions. You control them much easier than you can control distractions that come from co-workers, employees, and other office-based noise.
• Day is often less stressful. More control over your stress level and can more easily walk away or take a break when work gets particularly crazy.
• You can save money. By avoiding the long commute, but you can also write off a portion of your home office expenses on your taxes when you work from home.
• Improve your work/life balance. Many professionals struggle with finding a balance between work and their personal lives. Working from home can make this balance a little bit easier to find and maintain.

The Disadvantages of Working from Home.

• Getting focused on work every day in your home environment takes a great deal of self-discipline and motivation.
• Can be lonely. no access to co-workers and colleagues can be very isolating and lonely.
• Shutting down. less distinction between work and personal life when you work from home and the likely hood that you will overwork.
• Creating a home office or workspace can use up living space , so consider the flexibility of a separate home office building.
• Relationships are harder to form with colleagues and clients when you don’t have a daily face-to-face connection.
• There’s less ad hoc learning so you will need to make an extra effort to seek out networking and learning opportunities on your own.
Only you can decide if working from home is right for your small business.
Along with considering the pros and cons outlined here, your home situation, and your personal character traits. By analysing these factors, you can make a decision that will work for your business.

Scotia Cabins

Formed in 2014 as a farming diversification business this local husband and wife team based in Abernethy just outside Perth have established their Barbeque Cabin supply business as the sole Scottish distributor for Arctic Cabins. Arctic cabins recently expanded their product range to include their Outdoor Buildings range via their sister company Cabin Master. Caroline Scotia’s co-founder agrees “The addition of the Cabin Master Outdoor buildings products allows Scotia to supplement its extensive range of Barbeque Cabins”” We are delighted to have been awarded this accolade by our colleagues at Cabin Master and can’t wait to introduce this exciting product to our Scottish Clients.”